Offers E-commerce Services For Blast Cleaning Businesses

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(— October 10, 2013) – In response to the growing demand for businesses to establish digital stores in addition to physical storefronts, Texas-based global blast cleaning company offers alternative e-commerce services to improve customer experience and online presence for businesses in the blasting industry.


E-commerce Services For Digital Times

Since the inception of the Internet, the need for businesses to maintain an online counterpart for their physical stores has grown significantly. Consumers have become more aware of the convenience of online purchases and shopping for items right from the comfort of their own homes.


However, online stores require constant maintenance and attention and thus create added cost and effort for companies – reason why some of them prefer to skip e-commerce store set-up.


It is this challenge that addresses. Partnering with renowned global blasting manufacturer, PanBlast, provides businesses and users a quick, hassle-free way of accessing and purchasing blasting equipment online. In addition, the company also allows dealers, distributors, importers and wholesalers to digitally outsource services from without having to manage the site themselves. This enables businesses to focus on their core competencies and business-boosting strategies rather than expending their energy on SEO, digital store operations and other online technicalities.


Services Offered

Included in’s wide range of services for business owners and distributors is an option for companies to outsource store management to The latter will act as the online portal for all online transactions, managing and reviewing the manufacturer’s operations and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure a strong and effective online presence for businesses. Further, utilizes digital marketing techniques including RSS feeds and social media like Facebook and Twitter.


Catering to all types of clients, from importers to end-users, offers a full suite of compact blasting equipment including measuring tools, almen strips, valves, blast nozzles, testers, spare parts and other essential blasting instruments. In essence, the company serves both as a primary and alternative online source of ready-stocked supplies so clients need not rely purely on brick and mortar chains.


Pricing Models and Purchasing Options

Pricing for customers operate on various volume-based pricing models and can be customized based on the client’s requirements. Service fees may be fixed, transaction-based or a combination of the two.

Available in both mobile and desktop versions, goods can be accessed using any mobile device. Purchases can be paid for in multiple currencies, in conjunction with current foreign exchange rates. Credit card payments are securely processed through Paypal.


Customers may also choose to sell goods from to eBay. End users can purchase in retail, although wholesale discounts are offered for large-scale and bulk purchases.


Worldwide Delivery’s goods are stored in their warehouse in Singapore, available year-round for shipment via FedEx to any global location. Clients can choose to combine online orders then sent to multiple locations, or direct to their warehouse or homes within days from purchasing.


Ultimately, serves as a reliable online source of primary or back-up blasting goods for discerning wholesalers, importers, distributors, dealers and retailers who seek high-quality blasting products and services without having to deal with the usual challenges of typical brick and mortar sources. With a client-tailored multi-tiered pricing scheme, click and ship offerings, efficient online marketing services, and perennially available goods, allows for adaptable modern-day business options for the blasting industry as a whole.



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