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( — September 26, 2013) Tampa, Fl

The scientific viewpoint and summation of sound is defined as the sensation excited in the ear when air or other medium is set in motion.   Sound, regardless of philosophy or science is part of everyday life and our reality.  There are many methods of communication and many ways in which we can express different types of sound.  Speakers are amongst the most popular source even as they have developed and changed throughout the years.

            As technology improves, the interest in staying current increases everyday along with the demand of growth as older and outdated products move along.  Even though speakers and speaker repair have not changed drastically throughout time, they are not exempt from having become more technologically advanced. This fact makes it difficult when looking for a business that has grown with the demand of newer and higher tech products while also serving the care of the ones that are somewhat outdated.

            Speaker repair involves knowledge and expertise in reconing, refoaming or redesigning.  Speaker reconing, for example, is the largest demand in speaker repair, which in essence, is the replacement of all moving parts in the speaker frame.  All of these aspects of repairing speakers are tied into the simple science of sound and the way we perceive sound.  Sound can manifest itself in an extremely quiet environment while in a loud atmosphere, sound must be transmitted differently to compete with its surroundings.  A stadium or amphitheater is an example of that, while a home theater in the quiet of a living room would require a different set of speaker dynamics.

            Speakers at the time of purchase are always an expense that we do not want to waste and with the ability to repair them without disposing of them entirely offers a great option for expense and sentimental value. 

            The Speaker Exchange  offers a team of experts that can take care of your speaker repair needs.  They are located in Tampa, Florida but cater to clients throughout the world who need repairs for:  JBL speakers, B&W speaker, Electro- Voice speaker.  They  also supply parts for: JBL speakers, Tannoy speakers, B&W speaker, Electro-Voice speaker, Eminence speakers. 




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