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( — September 27, 2013) Parrammatta, NSW – Serving as an innovative leader within the Australian business insurance industry, Rural and General offers restaurant insurance to meet the specific needs of the restaurant industry.


Insurance exists to protect the insured in case of an unforeseen catastrophe. Having restaurant insurance is just as important as having a good menu and providing excellent customer service. Failing to have adequate restaurant cover means you are leaving the welfare of your business to chance. Given the wide range of unpredictable disasters that can happen in any restaurant environment, big or small, obtaining restaurant insurance coverage is crucial to your everyday operations.


Fires, slip-and-fall accidents, food poisoning, food spoilage, burglary/theft, property damage, glass/signage damage, tax audit problems, injuries requiring workers’ compensation, public liability suits and security breaches are all disasters which may occur at any restaurant. At some point, one or more of these things is more than likely to happen. Therefore, you need restaurant insurance so you will be able to cover the costs and get on with doing what you do best – providing a great dining experience to your customers.


Finding good business insurance in Australia can be tricky, and finding the right type of restaurant insurance can be even harder. Companies that provide business insurance Australia often slip details into the fine print of the contracts which can leave their clients high and dry when they need insurance the most. Be sure you know exactly what your coverage is for – many business owners are not as aware of this as they should be. Get a detailed business liability insurance quote before moving forward with any insurance company and always read the fine print.


The problem with most insurance companies is that they treat all their clients as though they are all carbon copies of each other. A hectic brick oven pizza restaurant in Sydney will have different needs than a slow-paced, authentic Australian restaurant in Perth, due to the nature of the food they serve and their respective customer bases.


Risk can be assessed in terms of fire risks, by how dangerous the types of utensils used in the restaurant’s kitchen are, and even by calculating the daily amount of foot traffic through the establishment – the more people there are, the higher the potential for accidents is. Your current insurance may limit your coverage for fire risk, smoke risk, or risk that comes as a result of employee misconduct.


Rural and General tailors its insurance products to meet the needs of its clients, and will ensure that you have peace of mind when you need it most.


Rural and General is located in both Australia and New Zealand, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Wellington and Auckland.  Ask for a comprehensive business liability insurance quote to get a clearer picture of the differences between Rural and General and other insurers.


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