Lasers are the Most Efficient Cutting Solution

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( — September 27, 2013) Toowoomba, QLD — Metal folding offers incredible precision, even better than plasma cutting, which is why it has become more widely used among metal fabricators. The problem, though, is that the industrial lasers required to perform the job are quite expensive. Plus, many fabricators prefer to purchase plasma equipment since it is much cheaper, even if the results are not quite as good.



Kenro is dedicated to ensuring the complete satisfaction of their customers, which is why they always go the extra mile. This involves investing in sophisticated, high-power, industrial lasers that offer precise, consistent cuts every time.



Metal laser cutting has other advantages over other types of cutting, including the fact that the metal does not warp while being cut. This is because the laser only heats up a small portion of the material, where it is being cut, rather than the whole sheet of metal, which would increase the chances of warping. There is also a lower risk of the metal being contaminated since there is very little handling involved.



Kenro prides itself on delivering top quality metal components that conform to exact client specifications each and every time. Every batch delivers consistent results due to the rigorous monitoring in place. Along with the company’s excellent customer service, their extensive experience in metal work and their affordable prices, it is no surprise so many Australian firms choose them as their preferred partners for anything to do with metal fabrication.


Besides metal laser cutting, Kenro offers a wide range of other services, including metal fabrication, MIG welding, and pipe bending.


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