Top 10 Must Have Toys For Christmas 2013

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( — September 29, 2013) New York   

According to the report, Lego and Monopoly are expected to be on the top in the selling list. Some of the hi-tech games including Furby Boom and Leap Frog leapPad are expected to be released just before the holiday season and are already in the list.

When contacted, Jenny, a representative of a famous toys manufacturing company said, “Kids love interactive toys of classic brands. Most of the children in modern generation are huge fan of hi-tech toys. This has resulted in a very difficult task for parents to select the best toy for their kids. In this case the report would help them take the right decision.”

According to the report some of the most top selling toys in 2013 would be Lego, friends Dolphin cruiser, Nerf Elite rapidstrike CS-18, planes wing control Dusty and Monopoly Empire to name of a few. List also has the toys including Lego star wars R2D2, LeapFrog Leappad ultra, Sesame street elmo hugs, teksta puppy and furby boom among others.

One of the most talked about toys on the list is – the Friends Dolphin cruiser features a modern luxury cruise ship, a game that is ideal for the development of creative mindset among kids.

‘Rapid strike Guns’ – another name in the list is a perfect choice for toy gun lovers. Both the girls and boys would love ‘Planes Wing control’. The innovative remote control wings are worn by child on the wrist to control the movement of the toy plane. While ‘Monopoly Empire’ is a board game that is liked by both young and old, ‘Lego Star Wars’ is an ideal toy for old star wars movies lovers. ‘Leap Frog’ have an ultra version of hi tech toy LeapPad. The game allows children to play, write and draw on a 7-inch high definition screen.

‘Sesame Street Elmo Hugs’ present a character Elmo. The puppet is loved by children as it has mechanically controlled arms to hug kids firmly. The puppet also sing songs in sweet loving words and the programming of the toy helps it to be on sleep mode while kids sleep. ‘Teksta Puppy’, another name on the list is a little cute robotic dog. The puppies are designed in a way that they act like real puppies but without the “Mess”. They respond to the call, wave and sounds.

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