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( — September 29, 2013) Burlington, VT Edward Brown a Burlington, VT Marketing Expert announces new cutting-edge Marketing Services are now available for local businesses. Brown’s Marketing and PR Services are also available anywhere around the world.


Brown better known as the Host of Internet Marketing Show also operates a full service online and offline marketing agency. They have recently expanded their services to include these new cutting-edge Marketing, video and PR Distribution services for businesses, organizations, and events.  These marketing services can be used to make a one-time public announcement as well as the more standard ongoing weekly and monthly services.  “There are many ways to do marketing.” says Edward Brown, Host of Internet Marketing Show. “It is more importantly, the techniques and systems we have put in place when we create Internet Marketing campaigns which make them into a cutting-edge marketing strategy. If getting a return on your investment is a priority, call us for a complimentary consultation.”  The sales and marketing strategist helps service-based corporations, consulting companies and small businesses attract more clients, business, and profits. Brown’s other services also include generating more leads through websites, increasing online and offline visibility, and attracting media attention.

Brown continued on to say, “Clients are often amazed at the results obtained from combining the latest marketing techniques with some of our other services.  Many times small business owners have never used marketing campaigns and often those who have used marketing services previously believed the results were disappointing.”


Brown then finished with the following statement, “This is what sets our services apart from others, we are experts in video, press releases, search engine optimization, web design, and social media. We focus on getting our materials to page one of Google, the other search engines, and social media platforms where they can be viewed by people interested in our clients products and services. Any business can benefit from the cutting-edge techniques we implement and using any one of these methods alone can be powerful way of getting your message before your targeted audience quickly.”


Edward Brown is Host of Internet Marketing Show, a #1 Best-Selling Co-Author of “The Art & Science of Success Vol III”, a Public Speaker, and he takes pride in his ability to reach entrepreneurs around the world, assisting in teaching them how to use the latest cutting-edge marketing techniques to attract loyal followers, obtain more clients, and generate more sales according to materials found within his websites.

The agency’s marketing service includes professional content made for the clients’ target audience.  The marketing materials are created and distribution is all done for you. Brown states, “The methods used with the marketing creation and distribution is really crucial to creating success. This is why we obtain amazing results because we are experts at what we do, when it comes to marketing your business let us do the heavy lifting for you. Although we are a Vermont based marketing agency, we have the ability to work with clients around the globe.”


Increased visibility is an important goal for most small businesses, but even large corporations need to attract new clients and maintain consumer retention.  A long-term marketing campaign alone is an important tool which can be used to capture the attention of customers, online viewers, and even local media, which may leads to more media coverage, or even an exclusive business interview. 


Just about any company has the ability to add to their current marketing plan. If you are curious to learn whether one of our our latest cutting-edge marketing methods may be beneficial to your business, organization, or event contact Edward Brown today. Brown enjoys educating people when it comes to video marketing, press release distribution, social media, or anything else marketing related.


For more information and to learn how you may obtain your free marketing guides, weekly tips and access to an ongoing newsletter visit To contact Edward Brown directly call (802) 318-4525.





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