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( — September 30, 2013) Sydney, NSWIf you had experienced acne, you know that a breakout can take weeks to clear up, and leave behind unsightly skin that can leave most people feeling bad from the inside out. Extreme acne can lead to undesirable scars that can stay for a long time, sometimes permanently. Finding a way to deal with acne and prevent permanent scarring is what most people are looking for in facial treatment for acne scars.


Acne affects most Australians with 85% of acne sufferers aged 15-25. However, more and more adults are suffering from this sometimes debilitating condition, so finding the right acne treatment is high on the priority list when it comes to skin care.


There are many different facial treatments for acne scars, but some of these products may be too harmful for the skin and may even cause further skin issues. By finding the right specialty products to treat acne scars, you can ensure that the rest of your skin remains healthy and young looking.


The products that you use to treat your skin should ideally be natural in their base ingredients, utilising naturally formed chemicals rather than man-made ones. This is to ensure that the pH levels in your skin remain as they should and that you do not further damage your skin by using harsh chemicals or even bacteria that can cause further acne outbreaks.


Acne scars are caused by the loss of tissue and can even cause scar tissue formation. Depressed fibrotic scars, atrophic maculae’s and follicular macular atrophy are all examples of scars caused by tissue loss. And these are what most extreme acne sufferer’s deal with after a major breakout. These result in depression-like scars after a pore has tried to recover from an acne related infection.


You by Sia’s specialty products are made to be gentle on the skin and prevent acne breakouts with their range of: By Sia mineral make-up, cleansers, AM/PM serums, full body products and supplements. You by Sia’s acne skin care products contain anti-bacterials and anti-microbials that help fight off bacteria and keep acne at bay.


You by Sia is based in NSW, with clinics in the Sydney CBD, Castle Hill and Bondi Junction areas. Their specialty products are specifically designed to help you achieve smooth, acne-free skin in no time. Call them today or to learn how they can help you achieve the best you, visit them at: 

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