Piano Tuners Retirement Forces Liquidation of Pianos for Sale

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(Newswire.net — October 1, 2013) Midlothian, VA 

Ishmael Taylor is a Richmond native and started his piano technician career in 1958. He attended New York Trade School and learned his craft as piano technician. The school that opened in 1881 went through changes over the years and is now known as New York City College of Technology.


Ishmael, or Pete as many know him by, returned to Richmond and started the Piano Technicians Guild with other piano tuners in Richmond, VA. Pete worked from home rebuilding, repairing, and tuning pianos and also serviced pianos for Corley’s Music and Cary Gee Music stores. For over 25 years Pete did all the service work for the highest volume Baldwin piano store on the East coast. Ed Brown is the former owner of the closed Baldwin store and said, “Pete was a great representative for our store with his professional look in suit and tie and his trademark smile and pleasant demeanor.”


Pete became so busy tuning and repairing pianos for his personal customer base he stopped doing rebuilding work. Rebuilding and restoring pianos can take 6 to 9 months to complete. During the 70’s and beyond he was servicing 3 or 4 customers daily six days per week. Pete serviced pianos for individuals, churches, schools, and music teachers.


He had serviced many of his customer’s pianos for over 30 years. Music teacher Barbara Perry said, “Pete is the nicest person I have ever met and I have never seen him that he is not smiling.” Servicing thousands of pianos in Central Virginia and building relationships with all these customers is how having his own personal inventory of pianos came about.


Many of his customers would ask him if he wanted to buy their piano if they were getting rid of it or maybe they were buying a new piano. It was a natural development in his business. Many of his music teachers always had new students where the parents were looking to buy a used piano. Pete had his own truck and his two sons were his piano movers to pick up pianos and deliver them. Pete never had a retail store.


His son Barry Taylor went on to learn piano tuning, repair, and restoration and in 1992 opened Taylor Piano Restorations in Midlothian, Va. Barry’s showroom is always full of pianos for sale used and some restored. His location also has a huge rebuilding shop to refinish and restore pianos. In 2012 Barry added “The Music Academy” at his store and offers multiple instrument lessons by professionals.


Like millions of seniors, Pete was having issues due to Dementia. At 76 years old his physical health is good. He decided it was time to retire after over 50 years of servicing pianos in Central Virginia. As a family, the decision was made to liquidate his piano inventory to have more money set aside for any future health needs. Barry is now servicing all of Pete’s customers. Barry said, “The used and new piano sales are slow due to the economy so we decided to liquidate my dad’s pianos at wholesale pricing to sell quickly. The most important thing is to build funds for any future needs to care for my Dad.”

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