Water Damage From Colorado Springs Rains

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(Newswire.net — October 1, 2013) Colorado Springs, CO —  The recent Colorado Springs record rains have left water damage in homes.  If not properly dried, mold and major structural issues could occur.

As much as eleven inches of rain have fallen in the Colorado Springs area in one week at the beginning of September 2013.  In addition, several inches of rain fell in the following weeks.  Record rain fall was set all over the area.

Although the torrential rain has stopped, water damage in homes and commercial buildings has taken place.  Hundreds of homes have been completely destroyed.  But for the homes that remain with minor damage, the problems have just begun.

When any amount of water rises into a home, it needs to be taken care of immediately.   Even an inch of rising water can cause major damage to the structure of a building.  In most cases, homeowners with flood insurance get have water damage restoration services paid for by their insurance company after the deductible is paid.  Without professional evaluation and remediation after a flood, a home is subject to mold and a series of other water damage problems.

Professional water damage restoration first entails a thorough moisture inspection to determine exactly where moisture is inside the home.  Drywall, baseboards, carpet, hardwood, and cabinets that are too damaged are immediately removed.  Next, the wood frame of the home is dried with low-grain dehumidifiers made to pull moisture out deep out of wood.  Air movement via turbo air movers helps the dehumidifiers work to pull out the moisture.  Last, a final moisture inspection is done to assure the structure is dry.

Annalise Striedieck, owner of Extreme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Inc, said, “Right now, we’re doing everything we can to help our area homeowners and businesses.  One thing we decided to do is offer free moisture inspections to homeowners in the Colorado Springs area.”

Extreme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Inc offers water damage restoration services to the entire Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.  If you live in the Colorado Springs area and you suspect your home has water damage, call Extreme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Inc at (719) 592-0707 for a free moisture inspection.  There’s absolutely no obligation.

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