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Manufacturing jobs in the United States have been dying out for decades, but technology blog Gadgets Made Simple believes that cutting edge companies like AMG Services Inc. are paving the way for a brighter future for manufacturing in America. In a recent article Gadgets Made Simple profiled AMG. and explained how AMG’s example could become a blueprint for American manufacturing companies that want to remain profitable.

“We think that the quality of AMG services is showing the way that American companies need to be thinking in the 21st century,” said Angus Andrew, an editor of the Gadgets Made Simple. He went on to explain the motivation behind the recent article: “In the past few weeks we’ve published some articles and noticed some news items that indicate that some technical jobs are returning to the United States and so have others. We consider that very good news and it prompted us to start looking for American companies that are succeeding and we’ve been trying to figure out what those companies are doing right.”

According to the article published on, the factors that set AMG apart from the competition include a willingness to develop complex prototypes, advanced capabilities for working with specialty materials and adhering to high-precision tolerances, and a guarantee of excellent quality workmanship. The article explained why these factors make more of a difference now than they did twenty or thirty years ago.

“Obviously, the majority of routine machining jobs is going to go to places like China and Mexico,” said Angus Andrew, “But when a manufacturing project has special needs, engineers and project managers want to work with a machine shop that they can absolutely trust and that can apply high levels of creativity and ingenuity to solving their problems. We absolutely think that this is the way forward for manufacturing in America. American companies simply must stand for quality and ingenuity.”

Editors of said that they’re working on profiles for some other companies that offer services of the same caliber as AMG, and are also considering arranging a tour of AMG’s facilities to give readers a first hand look at the future of American manufacturing.