Whiplash Treatment Critical for Long-Term Wellbeing

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(Newswire.net — October 2, 2013) Langley, BC —  Commonly associated with automobile accidents, whiplash can be caused by many activities, including bungee jumping, playing football and falling for any reason. Symptoms can include headaches, a needles-and-pins sensation in the extremities and the more typical neck and back pain. Whiplash constitutes an injury to the spine, through which the spinal cord runs to connect the brain with peripheral components of our nervous system. Because of this, symptoms can be widespread and may appear some time after the initial injury.


Chiropractor treatment is perhaps the best way to go if you have suffered a whiplash injury, no matter how minor it seems at first. A form of natural health care that compliments traditional medicine, chiropractic practitioners undergo extensive training on the neuromusculoskeletal system and the effects of associated problems on general health, paying particular attention to the spine.


Quality chiropractor care is important and involves more than just examination and treatment. At Rice Family Chiropractic, in Langley, British Columbia, Doctors Erin and James Rice emphasize the need for, and value of, a holistic approach to lifetime health. New patients go through a full evaluation including gait analysis and a surface EMG – which is a scan of the muscles throughout your spine. Prior to treatment you can expect a comprehensive discussion with one of the doctors, elaborating not only on treatment but also education and exercises and actions to help you, as a patient, participate in your treatment and recovery and attain the best possible outcome.


Following a whiplash injury, your chiropractor will identify any problems, including but not limited to restricted joint motion, intervertebral disc injury, and ligament or muscle injury. You can then expect a variety of treatments such as sciatica aimed at restoring comfort and movement, including ultrasound to reduce inflammation, use of heat and icepacks, and moving on to gentle hands-on manipulations to restore normal range of motion in the spine and joints.


The Rice Family Chiropractic clinic, which is focused on total, lifetime family health, also includes Registered Massage Therapists and offers the highest quality care possible. Should you unfortunately experience whiplash, contact the clinic so that your discomfort can be alleviated as quickly as possible and the likelihood of future complications minimized.

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