Best Coconut Oil Diet Plan Revealed In Free Amazon Guide This Weekend

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( — October 6, 2013) Albuquerque, New Mexico — A tropical island secret for centuries, the best coconut oil diet plan is being hailed as today’s modern miracle. Coconut oil contains incredible benefits including weight loss, improved skin, increased immunity, and blood sugar regulation to name a few. Author of the popular Amazon guide, The Coconut Oil Solution, Annette James is a firm believer in the power of coconut oil; and she is not alone. The Coconut Oil Solution, free on Amazon through Monday October 7th, has received massive attention because of James’ well-known knowledge on the subject and her ability to inform readers of the many coconut oil benefits (and delight them with coconut oil recipes too!)


An Ayurvedic specialist, James has studied natural and holistic methods for improving health and appearance for the last decade. Shy in nature, James only gives her two cents when it is solicited. Prompted by a good friend, James decided that by publishing a book on a subject matter within her world of expertise she could offer her opinion to those interested, and still maintain her quiet, pleasant demeanor.


Her book, The Coconut Oil Solution, focuses on the vast uses for natural coconut oil, including the how’s and why’s. Practical, concise, and informative, James’ book sets itself apart from others in the same niche because it is obvious that she writes with a thorough grasp on the subject.  


“The original version of this book – the one in my head – is about 300-pages longer than the final version,” says James laughing. “And I’m glad it is! This is manageable, plenty of information for those interested but not so much that it is intimidating.”


And she is exactly right. The guide can be read in a weekend, leaving the reader plenty of time to try one of the many coconut oil recipes James offers in her book. The recipes range from beauty to health and, of course, delicious food as well.


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