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(Newswire.net — October 7, 2013) Riverview , Florida

 Although the pill popping means to a quick-fix solution might be alluring, the end of those ads rapidly lists the numerous  adverse side effects that could be experienced from the use of this drug.  Does the risk truly out way the reward?


            Perhaps a more appealing alternative to a prescribed chemical remedy is a natural one.  Contrary to the approach of conventional medicine which focuses on only one body part or system, holistic medicine reviews the body as a whole, interdependent entity.  Holistic medicine practitioners believe that if there is a physical, mental, or spiritual imbalance in a patient’s life, the patient’s health will be affected.  A local Tampa Bay area holistic medicine practitioner, and Harvard University graduate, Carol Roberts, MD, embraces this view completely. Doctor Roberts explains that all aspects of one’s life from their amount of sleep and exercise habits, to their diet and social interactions, play integral rolls in one’s overall health and happiness. She furthers that “happiness is the greatest indicator of whether one is going to have a heart attack, or not.”


            Alternative medicine provides patient education rather than merely patient prescriptions. Holistic doctors focus on educating their patients on self-care and lifestyle changes in order to promote wellness.  Positive alterations in everyday social interactions of those seeking treatment can dramatically change the patient’s level of stress and anxiety, therefore encouraging a superior feeling of happiness. 


            Many chronic-pain sufferers feel that constant agony has contributed to their depression.  Feeling despondent with the prescription for this disease, the drug for that ailment, and the regiment for these afflictions as a result of the “remedies” for the disease and ailment, patients are now more than ever, searching for alternative medicine for answers.  Holistic doctors, such as Dr. Carol Roberts, have found that an integrative approach to depression, chronic fatigue, hormone therapy, weight loss, and unknown illness that seem to have defied cure with mere drug therapy.  Per chance, the key to happiness is not singular, yet a collection of interdependent influences that are not reliant upon an internal chemical adjustment, rather a holistic renovation.     More articles from author:

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