Lifestyle Site Shows How AMG Services Crowdfunding Community

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( — October 8, 2013) Detroit, Michigan — 


The indie card game AMG! Ice Cream! is currently under in production after reaching a Kickstarter campaign fund-raising goal. Fun Games Blog profiled the game in a recent article. In the recently published article, Fun Games Blog says that AMG Services the Kickstarter community by offering everything that a project shoudl to make sure that it gets funded successfully and that contributors are not let down. Fun Games Blog editors stated that AMG fills several different needs that crowdfunding communities have, including the opportunity to give to interesting projects and a solid assurance of quality work and commitment from the project’s creator.


The article states that AMG is an attractive contribution target because the game’s potential and concept are clearly demonstrated before any money is asked for. When someone contributes, they know that the money they give to AMG services the final product directly.


Fun Games Blog editorial team member Yolanda Pittman offered some additional insight into why games like AMG are important for crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter to remain relevant. “There have already been plenty of problems with Kickstarter projects getting the money and then going nowhere. If people are going to continue contributing, it has to be obvious that the projects are going to come to fruition. One of the things that sets AMG Services apart is that the entire game, including the art work, is already developed, so you know that the funds raised are going directly to completing the finished product.”


AMG! Ice Cream! is an indie card game that is playable by children and adults, and is flexible enough to accommodate any number of players and different length games.


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