A Smog Check Shop in El Cajon Is Now Giving Smog Check Coupons

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(Newswire.net — October 10, 2013) San Diego, CA — Rancho Auto Service, the one – stop auto care in El Cajon California, are now giving out coupons for one of the best smog check service in the area for those vehicles who are in need of smog checks. These smog coupons have a very affordable value for cost which is enough value for having smog check service for any vehicles. If you have a car, you can get a smog check which is priced for a low price and for the trucks, SUVs and vans they get a smog check worth a bit higher but still affordable. The coupon gives an added value certificate and for the trucks, vans and SUVs the get an extra. 1995 and older models get an additional for EVAP test. The best part is they get a free retest with repairs done in their shop. That is a very great deal for any driver out there in California. 


You can get your coupons in the website which is smog check El Cajon. You can just go to their page and print the coupon. Present that coupon to the smog check center and you will have one of the best services in California. After the service, your vehicle will be smog free and you can be sure to be breathing less pollution than you had before. You better get those coupons now so you can take advantage of the benefits it can give for you. It is not common for such smog check centers to give such freebies so better get them fast.


What service they give

 Rancho Auto Service gives you the best auto services for your smog check up. For a smog check for your cars, you can have it at a low price with your smog check coupon. If you have a truck, SUV or van, you can have a smog check for a little higher price but still affordable though with the smog coupon. They can do smog checks with any type of vehicle: cars, SUVs, trucks, vans and more. If you are from out of state, do not worry. They do not limit their smog checks within their state limits, you can have your smog checks out – of – towners. If you are an owner of a pre – owned vehicle and you want it to be smog checked then you can also take the vehicle this center. If you want some certifications, this shop has it. They have a gross polluter certification and the smog check certification to prove they are certified to do such work. If you have an engine fueled by diesel they can also check that for you. If it needs some repairs, they can give you a free re – test.


Why you should trust their service

There are several good reasons why you should smog test at the station. First and the best reason is they have the cheapest smog check in El Cajon. That is by far the best deal when it comes to smog testing. Also they do not need any appointment to get your cars to have a smog test. And they have over 20 years of experience. So do you need to look any further?



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