College Athletes with Pro-athlete Potential can Protect Future Income

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( — October 17, 2013) Chicago, Illinois — College athletes showing professional draft potential have a lot on the line, literally. An outstanding career can be gone in an instant by an accident or illness and it can happen on or off the field.


Professional athletes have to be at not only the top of their game but the top of the game they are playing. Saying this is competitive is a huge understatement. An accident that would not affect another profession can end an athlete’s career before it gets started. In the past, there was nothing that could be done. There was nothing that would protect the potential income the athlete could earn.  


Now there is a way to protect a college athlete’s potential future income.


College athletes/players that demonstrate they have future professional sports careers have a great deal to protect. Accidental injuries and sickness can happen on or off the field. An auto accident can be the end of a player’s dream of being a professional athlete. An infection in an arm or leg can be career ending.  


The policy is designed to cover total permanent disability. In this case a total permanent disability from an injury or illness is where the player has no possibility of beginning their career as sports professional. A career ending or not beginning total disability for a pro-athlete may mean total disability entirely but in most cases it is not.


A career ending total disability can be less of a disability than many think.


A broken shoulder, torn rotator cuff, torn Achilles tendon or acl tear can end a sports career but is not a total disability for most careers. MRSA, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections can happen anywhere, any when to anyone. They can be the end pro-athlete or future pro-athlete’s career. It can mean a college athlete’s career never begins due to illness/infection.


A college athlete’s future income protection plan needs to be coverage that is


  –   24 hours 
  –   On and off the field

  –   Worldwide 

  –   For injury and illness

  –   Sport specific


The student needs to demonstrate he or she has professional potential. The athlete can apply for draft protection insurance up to 3 years prior to their draft eligibility. The time to start is now as insurance is only when the student has pro-athlete potential.  After a career ending injury or illness it is too late. 


John K Arnold has over 30 years insurance experience. He is a managing general agent for international careers and is a specialist in pro-athlete disability, health and worldwide international life insurance. Call or email for information, assistance and getting your plan or son or daughter’s plan in place.

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