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Virtual Offices in D.C. Are Changing the Way Companies Do Business

Business professionals live in a digital age defined by “cloud servers” and “virtualized workspaces,” where accessibility and automation serve as the key ingredients to yielding timely, effective results. Work is now completed both in, and out of the office, with connectivity being the only limiting factor in gaining access to workspaces. In fact, telecommuting is now more prevalent than ever, serving as just one of the modern instruments utilized by NextGen employers to increase productivity and efficiency through the distributed workplace. With advancements in streaming video technology, VOIP, and remote file access, the traditional office, for many, has becoming seemingly less relevant in providing value on an everyday basis. The work paradigm is moving away from the commercial office, and companies are applying the same aforementioned cloud-data model to office space. This opportunity has produced a new concept, which is now referred to as the “virtual office or fractional office models.”

What Is A Virtual Office in Washington D.C.?

A virtual office, also referred to as a shared office, provides many of the same resources found at a large firm. Amenities such as copiers, fax machines, high speed internet access, office staff, executive suites, and computers are typically included. The concept is very similar to that of a virtual workspace, where applications and files are synched to a remote workstation; the same principle applies to the virtual office. Companies such as OSI Offices, providing virtual offices in Washington D.C., have recognized the need for such services, and are bringing dreams to fruition by providing clients with alternative solutions to commercial real estate leases. Such solutions drastically reduce overhead and liability, and serve as excellent places for meetings and collaboration among varied business interests.

Location in the District Means Everything

Virtual office space can be extremely beneficial to both small and large business owners; especially if positioned in a central business district. We asked the CEO of OSI Offices, Jack Pearce, for comment regarding the importance of location when searching for a virtual office, to which he replied; “An office says a lot about the representation of a given business. In the eyes of a first time client, an office, and its respective location to other businesses of importance, greatly influences the overall “first impression” associated with a company.” Location is critical to success, and alone provides unique advantages in terms of local resources, relationships, and opportunities.

Virtual Offices in Washington DC


OSI Offices in Washington D.C. understands the flexibility requirements from start-ups, accelerators, and for established companies that run distributed workforces. Consider a 21st century approach with resources on-demand. A virtual office in Washington D.C. which provides fiscal flexibility, a memorable location, and a slew of corporate grade tools, and is a sure-fire compromise that is proven to help start-ups, businesses, and entrepreneurs thrive.

About OSI Offices

OSI Offices has been serving the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for over 30 years; we pride ourselves on being some of the most flexible and efficient virtual office suites in the area, with clear “no-contract” pricing. OSI provides the perfect blend of temporary, virtual, and shared office support services desired to help you start, grow, maintain or expand your organization. To learn more or speak with someone directly at OSI Offices, please visit them on the Web or by searching Google for, “Office Space in DC.”