Allied Video Services Opens New Virtual Studio In Chesapeake

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( — October 18, 2013) Chsapeake, VA — 

Allied Video Services declare that virtual sets are the perfect solution for those businesses wanting a big budget look, for their next company video, for a reasonable price. Any one of their sets can be custom designed for your company in order to provide you with that look of professionalism and reliability that you just simply would not wish to have built.


Many companies are discovering the power of virtual sets to enhance their presentation, add a degree of professionalism and showcase their product or service. Allied Video Services is one company that can create a virtual set environment for sales and training to thrive.   


A good candidate for a virtual set is one who incorporates an on camera spokesperson, wants a central focus point in the video, wants to create a big budget look without the expense, wants the background to present their brand, or needs a set to interact with video charts or illustrations.

Rory Graham, president of Allied Video Services, says, “All virtual sets built in our Lightwave 3d computer software can certainly be custom designed for you or your company. And, other programs such as after effects give us the keying solutions to make your set come alive.”

Consider a virtual set designed by Allied Video Services for your next video production. Watch how it attracts and holds attention, adds to the story, works seamlessly with photos or video, or simply allows you to go anywhere with easy-to-change environments. Consultations are free.


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