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( — October 18, 2013) Chesapeake, VA — 

If you are one of those who want to edit your own home movies, rather than paying someone else a ton of money to do it for you, then your dream is now a reality. One accredited company that can help you convert and save your collection of home movies to an external hard drive for editing later on is Allied Video Services.


Having your old family movies and clips converted and transferred to an external hard drive is the best approach to getting the many formats, such as vhs, mini dv, 8mm film, or even from your phone, of your collection into one format, in one place and ready for editing at your convenience. It could take many hours to get the collection in order through the years and hiring someone to take the time to organize them for you would be costly, so saving to a hard drive is a big savings when talking hours of editing eliminated by this simple step. The staff at Allied Video Services is qualified and trained in transferring any type of format to an external hard drive.They have been in the video production services for nearly 30 years helping families treasure and hold dear their memories through several types of transfer services.

Rory Graham, president of Allied Video Services, adds, “These special moments are wasting away unwatched and unappreciated in your family video library right now. Amongst the miles of footage that you have recorded over the years are special highlights, memorable moments of time that you would love to relive again and share with others if you could. That’s where our transfer service comes in.

By transferring to an external hard drive, you can take those moments and assemble a collection that represents a segment of time, a person’s life or an event, on your dime. Each clip you want saved is digitized into the computer and saved to your hard drive. From there, you can personalize the production with titles and effects. Be as creative as you want!

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