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If ever a company was born out of necessity, then take a look at Freddie and Sebbie. Being parents themselves, the originators, Freddie and Sebbie felt that their company needs to come up with an idea that no other company has ever thought of.


It refers to kicking the back of the car seat. Here, the well-known Freddie and Sebbie thought about making a car seat protector that is designed to stop the present damage of the car. Well, kicking is really a different story.


Actually, picky people do the purchase when some other individuals confirm its quality. Obviously, most people who are seeking the efficiency of the product depend on the review system set up by The Freddie and Sebbie line is the same.


The evaluation system of enables the consumer to view and assess the feedback of others, may it be good or bad.


This is why Freddie and Sebbie take their products so seriously. One of the most controversial products that the majority of consumers leave their comments at is the Car Seat Protector. One such client published a very flattering review.


NCA Coach, Amazon customer and buyer of the Car Seat Protector said, in part, Exactly what I was looking for!!! – “I ordered these for my 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman which has our grandkids car seats in the rear seat. I am very picky about my cars and did not want car seats ruining my seats.” 


He also had to say, “I purchased these to protect the seats as well as capturing any food that grandma might slip the kids when I was not there. These are exactly what I was looking for. These protect the seats as well as a kick protector that also can store small toys for the grandkids. “


About Freddie and Sebbie:


Freddie and Sebbie are committed to providing luxury Car Seat Protector and other great baby products. Such products we provide are made guaranteed to be from top quality, safe to use and can be depended upon. It has always been our objective to give both the parents and infants the high quality services that they can have.




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