50% of U.S. Businesses Use Managed Print Services, Imaging Solutions

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(Newswire.net — October 24, 2013) South San Francisco, CA — 50% of U.S. businesses are now outsourcing their printing and imaging solutions to access the benefits of managed print services. Print management group Advantage Enterprises reports numerous reasons why companies seek a managed print services proposal, including the need to lower costs and increasing employee productivity. A managed print services RPF is often the first step for businesses, universities, and other organizations considering making the move to MPS.


The typical American company spends up to 3% of its annual revenue on document printing, yet few of them know exactly how that money is spent. A quality managed print services proposal begins with an in-depth assessment to gain insight into expenditures and identify opportunities to save money. In their managed print services white paper, Advantage Enterprises spells out many of the ways in which MPS can benefit the bottom line. Infrastructure optimization is a key facet of managed print services. Obsolete devices are replaced with new printers that cost less to operate and maintain, workload imbalances are identified so printers are utilized more efficiently company-wide, redundant machines can be eliminated, and the workflow process improved to free up employee and technical support time for more useful tasks.


A managed print services RFP can also detail how the proactive nature of managed services can improve the printer performance and reduce costs. Print management group Advantage Enterprises provides clients with continuous remote monitoring of their printer fleet to identify issues before they become major problems. It also allows for the timely dispatch of on-site repair services as needed. Preventative maintenance is another key feature of MPS that saves companies considerable resources in the long run. In addition, a managed print services proposal can find opportunities to cut the cost of consumables like paper and ink, while also identifying simple yet effective ways a company can be more eco-friendly. This all comes with the benefit of a predictable monthly expense, which is one of the many reasons why half of U.S. businesses rely on MPS to make their printing as cost effective and efficient as possible.


For nearly 30 years, Advantage Enterprises has been an innovator in the field of managed print services. Their expert team of Managed Document Services professionals provide specialized solutions to help each client reap the benefits of managed print services. Advantage Enterprises has a national footprint, with dual headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area and New York City. This allows them to offer single source accountability to businesses, no matter how many offices they have around the country. They are proud to be an HP Elite Partner Office Printing Solutions and HP Authorized Service provider, as well as a Xerox Authorized Service provider and a Dell Authorized Service provider. To learn more about the benefits of managed print services or request a custom managed print servcies proposal from an experienced print management group, review the Advantage Enterprises website at http://www.advtg.com/.

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