Bijou Michelle Awarded The Title Of Best Tradeshow Model In Orlando

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( — October 31, 2013) Orlando, FL — The overall results of a new web-based survey from which responders were prompted to identify “Best Tradeshow Model” generated what some people claim was the obvious conclusion, experienced tradeshow model and well known tradeshow modeling expert Bijou Michelle was picked heads and shoulders above other recognized names in Orlando.

The public opinion poll and subsequently, the designation of “Best Tradeshow Model” was set up quickly after an intense debate started about just who in Orlando would in reality be able to make a claim to that distinction. In an effort to keep the contest impartial to all tradeshow models, the competition was created on line and the winner was identified by industry experts independently.

Right after creating the opinion poll, there seemed to be a intense contest for the title of “Best Tradeshow Model”, but after the conclusion, there was a clear and indisputable winner of the coveted title. Immediately after the opinion poll closed, Bijou Michelle was announced as the leading “Best Tradeshow Model” in Orlando.

Tradeshow modeling experts who were questioned about the poll appeared to have split reactions to Michelle’s making a claim of the disputed title, varying from disbelief, to complete agreement over the choice industry professionals had made. But in the end most agreed.

Bijou was most likely established as the “Best Tradeshow Model” in Orlando by associates in large part due to the contributions Michelle has made in the industry of tradeshow modeling, as well as her interpersonal skills. As a renowned and experienced tradeshow model that specializes in representing client products and services, it was not surprising to a large majority of those individuals who participated.

After the results were in, Bijou was cited as stating “To be honest, I didn’t even realize that there was a poll being carried out at all. I’m surprised that many people even know my name”!


A recent employer Brett Fogle of Cydec Software stated “Bijou was a pleasure to work with, and was a perfect fit for our audience. We couldn’t have chosen a better person for the job. She was personable and friendly, and was also tech savvy which impressed many of our attendees!”


Bijou Michelle has recently been hired by well-known companies such as Heineken, Dos Equis, and Ketel One Vodka.


She also states “I work hard in the tradeshow modeling industry, and am really energized about what I have taking place in 2013. Hearing that other marketing professionals have actually acknowledged me as the “Best Tradeshow Model” is truly an honor.”


Thank you so much to all industry peers that took part in in the vote”.

Bijou Michelle is available by email at


9400 Universal Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32819