Café Mango Six Has Special Treats for Halloween

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( — October 31, 2013) Los Angeles, California — In the midst of all the financial news coming out of Washington and the predictions about how the government shut-down will affect the economy, there is one hopeful indicator – people are eating more dessert. During the height of the recession, people eating out ordered entrees only. Now the restaurant business has picked up and the industry is reporting more customers are sticking around for dessert.


Los Angeles residents celebrating Halloween in West Hollywood tonight can enjoy a new treat: mango and coconut smoothies. Los Angeles is known for its top quality coffee and dessert destinations and Cafe Mango Six, located on the trendy 3rd Street area of West Hollywood, combines these treats in a casual bakery-style setting where you can enjoy a variety of espresso drinks, fruit juices, daily baked goods from the ovens of Crumb Fairy Bakery, smoothies, organic frozen yogurt, and freshly blended 100% mango juice.


Here are some fun dessert facts from a recent study released by GrubHub:

  • Women are 25 percent more likely to order dessert than men
  • Men are 20 percent more likely to order milkshakes
  • Women are 15 percent more likely to order ice cream
  • Women are also 50 percent more likely to order frozen yogurt.
  • Men are 10 percent more likely to order cookies.
  • Women are 10 percent more likely to order fried desserts.
  • Cake is the most gender-neutral dessert of them all — and it accounts for 25 percent of all desserts ordered.

The mango smoothies and milkshakes, organic frozen yogurt, cookies and delicious cakes at Café Mango Six will keep everyone happy on Halloween and into the holiday season ahead. 

Cafe Mango Six

8428 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, California 90048