Wet Basement Health Risks and Related Costs

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(Newswire.net — November 4, 2013) Vancouver, BC — Professionals who work in the plumbing industry come across mouldy basements quite often, and sometimes have to recommend extensive renovations to eliminate the problem. The fact is, mould in the home can be avoided by taking simple precautions that make it difficult if not impossible for mould to take hold in the first place.


It starts with your plumbing and drainage system. When a home is first built there are building codes required for the project to pass inspection. Each property has different drainage considerations but the end results must be the same. Local water table levels, the slope of the property and gravity all come into play when water proofing a basement and installing perimeter drains.


If these initial calculations are not done correctly there is a risk of underground water pressure pushing laterally upward through the floor creating a wet basement situation. There is the added problem of poorly done perimeter drainage. Water must flow around and away from the house to avoid pooling around the foundation. When that is not installed correctly water pressure can crack the foundation walls letting water in adding to the wet basement syndrome.


Crawl Spaces


In crawl spaces there is a natural force called capillary attraction. Exposed dirt in a crawl space attracts ground water like a sponge and the finer the soil the more aggressive that capillary pumping action becomes. This can be avoided by adding a vapor barrier when the house was built. If that is not in place then consult a professional.


Best Way To Eliminate Mould


When mould has a grip on a residential structure it should be removed by a professional trained in mould elimination. Extensive renovations may be required, so once the mould is removed you will want to take measures to seal your home against further intrusion. Hire a company skilled in the art of drainage preferably with 10 years or more experience. They should have a ready answer for your circumstances and confident in the solution. This fix will probably be quite expensive so make it count.


There may be landscaping involved, and quite possibly new drain tile installed. No matter the solution we suggest you research who you hire and get a strong feel for the competence of the company. This is a situation where you want to do it once and not be forced to re-visit the issue.


For situations like this it’s usually a good bet to go with a well established franchise like Mr Rooter, Expert Drain Services in Vancouver, or another well established plumbing company with a good name. The recommendation above is for residents of Vancouver BC


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