I Have A Website Now What?

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(Newswire.net — November 5, 2013) Mayfield East, NSW — The Hangout has been organised in response to a local business survey that indicated the absence of an interactive dialogue between local consumers and business owners. The survey also identified a need for a service to help business owners adopt and transition into using Social media for business purposes. According to a report by the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research ( DIISR ), that looked into the key statistics for Australian small business, indicated that the majority of sales made are relatively close to the business location, demonstrating that 86 per cent of small businesses and 88 per cent of medium sized businesses reported local sales in the majority.


Despite 60 per cent of SMEs with a social network page, rating its impact on their business as positive, only 10 per cent of small business, compared with 18 per cent of medium business, use social media for business purposes.

In a recent interview, Brian Savic, CEO of online reputation marketing firm IrevealTV, responded to the question; “Why has Social media proven to be a consistent challenge and more than often the reason behind a failed online campaign?” responded with the following statement: “ The business owners we speak with really make a genuine effort and want their social media marketing to work, though without the required knowledge of what to do and when, their campaign may not make the required impact”


Brian Savic went on further to say: “Our Hangout will identify all the critical factors that businesses need to manage during their social media marketing campaigns so they know where to focus their efforts to get the best results ”


The Hangout will also provide insights into the results of business interviews conducted by IrevealTV at local business networking groups as well as provide information on how to leverage Social media to get more exposure online.

A complimentary ($260 Value) Reputation Awareness Package will be provided to all attendees

When | Friday, 8 November 2013

Time | 12pm

Where | On Your Desktop, Tablet, Smart Phone

Cost | Free

Attend | Register: http://getmorebookingsonline.com


4/56 Industrial Drive
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