Poirot and Me the new book by David Suchet launches on November 7th 2013

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How will millions of grief stricken fans of Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian Detective find comfort after the last ever episode of Poirot, aptly named Curtain, airs on TV on Wednesday 13th November 2013?


Well one solution might be to read David Suchet’s first ever book about his 24 year relationship with the dapper and eccentric Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.  The book is appropriately titled Poirot and Me and is due to be launched on November 7th 2013.


The book is being published by Headline Publishing Company.   Emma Tait a publisher at the company acquired the world rights to Poirot and Me by David Suchet last year.  She has written it along with Geoffrey Wansell, a London based author and freelance journalist.


Emma said “I am so excited to be publishing this book, which offers a unique opportunity in television publishing.  Rather than an outsider’s overview, it is the story of an iconic role told by the actor himself and it is fantastic to be working so closely with David and Geoffrey. I believe it will be a very special book and a wonderful way for David to bid farewell to his old friend Hercule Poirot.”


David and Geoffrey said “We are thrilled to be given this chance by Headline to bring his portrayal of Hercule Poirot to life for his millions of fans around the world. It’s a wonderful and rare opportunity for a character actor to be able to explain his life and craft and exactly how he brought such a famous character to television audiences in more than eighty countries.”


Here is an extract from the book.  “He was as real to me as he had been to her, a great detective, a remarkable man, if, perhaps, just now and then, a little irritating. He had inhabited my life every bit as much as he must have done hers as she wrote thirty-three novels, more than fifty short stories, and a play about him – making Poirot the most famous fictional detective in the world alongside Sherlock Holmes.


But how had it come to this? How had I come to inhabit his morning jacket and pin-striped trousers, his black patent leather shoes and his elegantly brushed grey Homburg hat for so many years? What brought us together? Was there something in me that found a particular echo in this short, tubby man in his sixties given to pince-nez and saying ‘chut’ instead of ‘ssh’?  Looking back now, these many years later, I suspect in my heart there was.”


David will be appearing at a series of book signings throughout November and December in Nottingham, Chepstow, Chorleywood, Dulwich, and Harrogate.  If you see him during November, be sure to check out his moustache.  He is growing it for the charity Movember to help raise awareness for men’s health issues.  After all he has had one of the most well-known moustaches on television for the last 24 years!


Poirot and Me is available for pre-order through Amazon and other good booksellers.