Doctors Identify Different Causes of Neuropathy

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( — November 5, 2013) Boise, Idaho — The common belief about peripheral neuropathy is that it is caused by diabetes if proper care is not taken. However, with the constant research in the field of neuropathy, doctors at the Spokesman Review on have found that there can be other unusual causes of neuropathy too. It has been proved that people who consume alcohol excessively might develop the condition. Other than that, hypothyroidism is also a possible cause. This condition occurs when the thyroid glands are unable to produce the thyroid hormone properly or in the right quantity. Lastly, Amyloidosis and vitamin deficiencies might also be blamed in some cases. Thus, with so many unidentifiable causes of neuropathy, Neuracel introduced a drug made of herbs to allow individuals to deal with the menace and its symptoms in a complete natural manner.

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Neuracel has been developed after thorough research and is the result of extensive efforts put in by experts in the field of neuropathy medication. To counter the problem of side effects which are usually attached to novel medications that promise miraculous results, Neuracel has been made with all-natural ingredients such as healthy herbs. This ensures that the drug is completely risk free and therefore can be consumed by all types of patients. There is no need for medical prescriptions, which saves many patients a lot of time, effort, and some money. Also, since neuropathy can be quite a long-term problem, the drug has been designed to reverse the damage of the disorder so that permanent results can be achieved.

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Neuracel has been introduced in different packages to meet the varying needs of its target audience. For individuals who are skeptical about Neuracel, there is also a trial version available known as Best Value which offers 2-weeks dosage for free. The online application form for it can be found at Other packages such as Good Value and Great Value also exist. For more information about the drug, its benefits, or the consumer testimonials, please visit



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