‘The PATRIOT MISSION Story’ Powers to #1 Bestseller Status.

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(Newswire.net — November 5, 2013) Vero Beach, FL — 


The PATRIOT MISSION Story, A BOLD Blueprint to Rebuild America through the Power of Small Business™ accelerated to #1 Bestseller status in its first several weeks on the market. Author Steve Olds said; “I’m very pleased that our first book did so well in multiple business categories on Amazon.com both in the United States and abroad.” In addition, Olds’ book was also a #1 Hottest New Release on Amazon.


The book’s timing is perfect given the challenges America is facing right now. The PATRIOT MISSION Story delivers a message that brings Americans together around an institution that crosses every geographic, cultural, socio-economic, religious and political boundary:- Small Business.


Readers will find a cross section of practical ideas combined with American history and the author’s personal experiences. Olds describes how his experience as a combat seasoned F15 ‘Eagle’ fighter pilot has impacted his professional career and the design of the PATRIOT MISSION business model.


The book’s theme is unifying because it focuses on grassroots solutions that will appeal to people regardless of their political preferences. Grounding in what the author terms, 7 Founding LIBERTY Principles, Americans from east to west will discover ideas that will promote entrepreneurship and apprenticeship. Moreover, the strategies are designed to be implemented at a local level with organized teams in every county, independent and parish across the nation.


The PATRIOT MISSION Story taps into a dwindling pride in America that will touch the heart of every citizen, especially those who remember what it was like in the mid-late 20th century. The blueprint includes a well organized plan to attract and include those who may be retired and want to support capitalism or mentor young people who wish to pursue a career in small business. This is also applicable to many in the work force who are seeing their hours cut or jobs eliminated altogether.


As evidenced by the strong reviews on Amazon.com, The PATRIOT MISSION Story does a strong job of laying out a solid plan that can have a real impact on many Americans in short order. Steve Olds is an effective storyteller and engages the reader in a way that will inspire and engage. While the book is certainly well written and entertaining, it is also a clarion call to action that will produce results and inspire a nation!


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