AMG Services Austin Group Announces Innovative Terms For Agents

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( — November 6, 2013) Miami, Florida — 



Information recently published on the Avanta Mangement Group (AMG) Services Austin Group LLC website details innovative terms available to real estate agents who choose to work with the property management company.


In the “Opportunities” section of the AMG Services Austin Group LLC site, the company recently announced efforts by the company to make the real estate sales business more lucrative for licensed Realtors. Included the unique terms offered to real estate agents is the opportunity for mentorship, competitive commission splits to encourage cooperation between agents and management, and referral terms guaranteeing agent involvement in future sales conducted by referred clients.


The mentorship opportunities offered by AMG Services are intended to help real estate agents create a road map for their career that will assist them in navigating changing market conditions and unforeseen events. According to the information provided by AMG Services, self-motivated individuals do well in self-directed careers such as real estate, but still need experience, training and guidance to make the most of their careers.


AMG Services positions itself as an attractive place for active agents to come to because of the cooperative atmosphere it fosters between different agents, and between agents and management. While agents always retain their own clients, AMG Services strives to create a work environment where agents can benefit from each others experience, and the company offers generous commission splits to agents to ensure financial success.


AMG Services offers innovative guarantees on incoming property management referrals. According to the information on the AMG Services website, referring agents receive a commission on the initial property management contract, and also receives a guarantee that they get the customer back whenever the customer decides to sell their property. To insure this, the referring agent’s name is put into the property contract.


AMG Services Austin Group LLC is a property management company located in Austin, Texas.