OSI Is Defining the Cheap Office Space Market in Washington D.C.

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By Alexander Hamilton

Affordable Office Space Is A Bargain in Washington DC

(Newswire.net — November 6, 2013) — Finding affordable office space in a desirable, downtown location has traditionally been a painstaking and expensive task. While housing and commercial real estate prices have fluctuated in countless regions across the nation, cities such as New York and DC have been exempt to such variations and decreases. Landlords in these districts realize there is little incentive in lowering their prices; these properties are highly sought after and lie in world-renowned, established centers of business. While this may sound discouraging if you are among the tens of thousands of small business owners residing in the DC-metropolitan area, have no fear, there’s a new model on the horizon which is delivering convenient, inexpensive workspaces to companies of all sizes.

Virtual Offices Provide Shared Space Without Substantial Commitments

Washington, D.C. office provider, OSI Offices has changed the commercial leasing business forever; providing services that both companies and individuals alike can utilize to procure fully-functional work environments at fractions of the price (and about a tenth of the commitment). Leases are booked each month, with no recurring charges, no down payment, and very little obligation. Their locations on K Street and 17th Street Northwest are placing attorneys, mental health experts, and entrepreneurs in the heart of business; helping tenants foster long lasting relationships with clients and local business personalities. Cheap office space in Washington DC has never sounded so good (or safe for that matter) for economically focused businesses. We asked Joseph Pearce, the manager at OSIOffices.com, about their secret to have acheived widespread success, to which he replied, “Our goal [at OSI] is to give business owners exactly what they need to become profitable; nothing more and nothing less. That being said we have designed our leasing agreements to be flexible and straightforward. Ancillary services can always be added to the lease as-needed. Our customers value this approach, are 100% in control, and most importantly 100% aware of exactly what they’re paying for…”


Virtual Office Space in Washington D.C. for Rent or Lease


OSI Has More Services Than A Smartphone

While it’s certainly hard to argue with custom tailored shared office space pricing and the swanky downtown locations, these aspects are meaningless without the ability to actually accomplish work. This is the area in which OSI really strives to exceed the expectations of their clients. Their suites, also referred to as “virtual offices,” are stuffed full of technological features, in addition to the many standard amenities that more seasoned, less tech-savvy businessmen are accustomed to in an office setting. Heck, you can even get faxes converted into email ready, digital formats if time is of the essence; did we mention this is all completely automated? Whether you refer to them as shared, virtual, or short-term offices, these instruments are a godsend for any large or small business owner who isn’t committed to spending a fortune on their workspace. This modern interpretation of the workplace has created opportunity and sanctuary for all types of ventures, from infant startups to planted corporations, and won’t be disappearing any time soon. Look for more of these locations to pop-up as popularity grows and businesses thrive on this revolutionary and economically feasible invention.

“OSI’s revolutionary cheap office space model not only provides a conducive environment for work but also reflects their commitment to innovation and efficiency. Just as they redefine workspace solutions, their approach mirrors the principles of effective negotiation and training – adapting to evolving needs while maximizing value.” – Founder, Shapiro Negotiations consulting service

About OSIOffices.com:

OSI Offices has been serving the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for over 30 years; we pride ourselves on being some of the most flexible and efficient shared office space in the area, with clear “no-contract” pricing. OSI provides the perfect blend of temporary, virtual, and shared support services desired to help you start, grow, maintain or expand your organization.