Quality Recycling Now Provides Online Listings of Recycling Equipment

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(Newswire.net — November 7, 2013) Henderson, NC — In an effort to offer quality equipment and efficient services to recycling companies, Quality Recycling Equipment is providing online listings of new and used recycling equipment on its website (www.qualityrecycling.com).  


Quality Recycling Equipment provides quality products to the recycling industry and educates the public on the importance of groundwater conservation. It is also the exclusive distributor of the patented RCBC (Rotary Cascading Bed Combustor) technology and specializes in Waste to Energy systems. The RCBC makes use of innovative techniques to recycle landfill waste without leaving useless or unwanted by-products.


Since November 1, 2013, visitors to the Quality Recycling site can easily find what they are looking for using the various equipment categories provided on the Equipment drop-down list. For instance, when looking for a vertical baler, a prospective buyer only has to click on Vertical Balers on the Equipment drop-down list.

On the vertical baler page, a visitor can view the different available balers available for sale. Clicking on any particular equipment leads to a details page on which information concerning the equipment is provided, including its model, features, previous use, what requires fixing as well as the price. This helps buyers minimize their risk by determining whether buying the used equipment will ultimately be more profitable.

Price details include the list price or ‘as is’ price as well as Quality Recycling’s price. Prospective customers can get great deals on recycling equipment. New equipment is also sold at discounted rates, allowing customers to save on purchase costs.

Quality Recycling is dedicated to offering affordable Waste to Energy systems to the recycling industry. This is very beneficial to growing businesses or those that are just starting out by reducing their capital outlay.

“We offer competitive prices on a large selection of new and used recycling equipment including balers, shredders, compactors, car crushers and more,” said Jim Gaddy, the Sales Manager at Quality Recycling.

Buying used equipment, even if it requires repair, is significantly cheaper than buying new equipment. In addition, recycling companies can take advantage of the equipment listed on the Quality Recycling site by using parts of an old system to build a new one. Some equipment can also be upgraded by replacing a single component rather than the entire unit.

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