Grandeur Cellars Introduces 9 Choices for the Perfect Wine Cellar

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( — November 10, 2013) Hutto, Texas — Creating custom wine cellars for Texas homes and businesses may require more than just vision and skill.  In fact, creating the perfect custom wine racks for Texas customers often involves changing an entire room or space to meet particular needs or wants.  Grandeur Cellars, creators of hundreds of beautiful custom wine cellars in Austin and throughout the state, gives customers choices in nine key areas of workmanship.  By focusing on these nine areas, Grandeur Cellars is able to create the perfect custom wine racks for Austin homes and custom wine cellars for Houston businesses.  Customers can see examples of the beautiful custom wine cellars created by Grandeur Cellars on the company’s website at


The nine factors that are so critical in creating beautiful custom wine cellars in Dallas and other locations are as follows:


Glass patterns.  The pattern of glass used for shelves and cabinet doors can completely change the appearance of a wine cellar.  Etched, opaque or clear glass options are available.


Granite.  The granite used for countertops can add beauty and durability to a wine area, and colors are available to match almost any décor.


Racking.  The racking system is the heart of the wine cellar, and Grandeur Cellars specialists will work with customers to determine the most effective use of racks for the quantity and type of wine to be stored.


Wall textures and finishes.  Various texturing and finishing techniques can add a note of interest to any space used for a wine cellar.


Wire mesh.  Breathable wire mesh is a good option for wine cellar cabinets.


Wood selections.  Wood is the heart of any wine cellar and the tremendous selection of woods available from Grandeur Cellars makes it easy to find the perfect look.


Accent carvings.  Accent carving is a great way to personalize wood cabinets.


Cellar doors.  The door to a wine cellar is the first impression anyone receives and can be made to any design or standard.


Cellar flooring.  Plank, tile and other flooring options are available.


With the help of the experts at Grandeur Cellars, it is easy to create the perfect custom wine racks for Houston and other Texas homes and businesses.


About Grandeur Cellars:  Grandeur Cellars creates beautiful custom wine racks in Dallas and complete wine cellars in homes and businesses throughout Texas.  Grandeur Cellars works with customers from design to finished product to ensure complete satisfaction.  These custom-designed and beautifully worked wine cellars and racking systems can be designed for every space, from a closet renovation to an entire basement area.   Grandeur Cellars can help home and business owners bring their visions to life.


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