Double-Sided Travel Packing Cubes Launched by Dot&Dot

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( — December 12, 2013) Daly City, California — Dot&Dot, the manufacturer of travel packing cubes, now launches their latest doubled-sided packing cubes. These new packing organizers are bigger than other packing cubes and available in four different shades of black, blue, gray and green.


According to the owner of Dot&Dot, “Our new double-sided packing cube set will make sorting a breeze. Our customers can separate their clean and dirty laundry in the same cube. The two compartments can be used in many different ways. These packing cubes have more room than other packing organizer tools and are more convenient for the users.”


Like the original Dot&Dot packing cubes, this double-sided variation also include an inner pocket to hold small items and are also packable. The inner pocket act as a container for the packing cube when it is folded for storage. It comes with multipurpose PVC plastic packaging that helps in storing travel accessories or vital travel documents.


“You can buy these cubes in small, medium and large sizes and divide the belongings according to purpose. It not only saves you from stress and keep your belongings organized, but also maintains privacy during security checks. Most importantly, these are bigger than most packing cubes, so you can put in more stuff,” says a spokesperson of Dot&Dot.


“I have used Dot&Dot’s original packing cubes and love them! I have recently come to know about its double-sided packing organizers and it is great that they are available in three sizes. The two sections in one cube will be very useful. I will definitely place order soon,” says Mickey C, Rhode Island.


These new packing cubes are made of quality materials to last a lifetime of travel and adventure. At the moment, these are available in black, blue, gray and green.


Dot&Dot is the manufacturer of quality packing cubes to help users pack and manage their belongings easily during travel. They have recently introduced double-sided packing organizers that are bigger and packable. These cubes come with PVC plastic packaging and available in small, medium and large packing cubes in one set.  


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