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( — November 13, 2013) Miami, Florida — Web Dimensions, Inc., now launches the new and improved content curation system called Instant Content Curator Express (ICC Express). The new system replaced it’s previous flagship news curation software. The company is well known for providing the software solution Instant Content Curator Pro (ICC Pro) in May 2012.


“ICC Express is designed to help bloggers, content writers, and marketers find news feeds, images, videos, Ezine articles and other online materials to curate. It is a full featured curation system that is proven to help increase traffic, opt-ins and sales of websites,” Mr. Hugh Hitchcock, author of all Web Dimension’s software products.

ICC Express offers a wider range of curation sources – from RSS Feeds of authority sites, to any blog’s feed or alerts. Users can also add HTML urls from any site on the internet to curate from.

While the basic concept of ICC Pro and ICC Express is the same, there are many notable differences between them.

ICC Express is designed more dynamically so that a user can have multiple alerts accounts and have different alerts for each profile. This means a user can create different blog profiles, different niches and have separate alerts accounts in the software.

Also, the new content curation system automatically logs in to the user’s alerts account and downloads the feeds for that specific account as the user runs the program. And it does that each time the user switch blog profiles. So the users now can have multiple niches at their fingertips.

Moreover, each blog profile in ICC Express can now be setup with its own set of keywords, alerts, and feeds for content channeling – something that is not possible for ICC Pro. This feature allows users to easily tap targeted content channels to generate quality content. It just keeps all the user’s blogs very organized.

ICC Express is mainly used to help create quality content for blogs, Facebook account, Fan pages, and Twitter accounts, however it also allows bookmarking for further syndication. Aside from curating articles, royalty-free images, videos, and more, the new software also includes a built-in meme editor, allowing images to be enhanced and shared.

The improved content curation software also integrates with Web Dimension’s GAlerts plugin.  This plugin reads Google email alerts and turns them into keyword-based RSS feeds. ICC Express users are then able to curate Google email alerts for content.

ICC Pro is designed to work with Google alerts and is fairly one dimensional in terms of niche marketing. This content curation tool was designed to be used with one alerts account only, where the user has to login directly manually in the software to that one account in order to access the feeds.

While ICC Pro’s older style of programming cannot be expanded with new features, the company said it can still be effectively used by anyone.

“ICC Pro is still supported. It still functions as a curator for EzineArticle, Youtube Videos, Wiki Commons and Flickr images. We replaced Google alerts with Talkwalker alerts. So those who have our flagship software can still curate content using it,” Mr. Hitchcock added.

ICC Express, the new flagship product, can be obtained either through Web Dimensions’ unlimited membership program or by purchasing a separate license. It is available in single, multi-user and developers licenses.

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