Americans lose faith in political efforts to solve nation’s problems.

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( — November 13, 2013) Denver, CO — Fear has become a major component of today’s culture. In a recent sermon series on faith, Pastor Kenneth Michael, reminded the Sunday morning congregation that fear quenches faith.  “The cares of this world can come in, the busy-ness of life can come in and beat the Word of God out, and then we don’t have anything to hang on to...” He went on to say, “faith cometh by hearing and hearing and hearing and hearing… [The Word of God].”  To overcome fear and to build faith it is necessary to study the Word of God.


Society is continually chided to believe that the dismal threat of its undoing is imminent, and at first glance it seems to be true. Read a newspaper, turn on the television or just open a window and look outside. Living life in today’s society is unnerving and downright scary at times. In the midst of so much bad news, how is it possible to keep on, keeping on; placing one foot in front of the other?


People are overwhelmed by the worries of the world. The culture of disappointment is palpable. Surviving the constant bombardment of negativity day-after-day, the daily degradation of children being abused, the brink of financial ruin and loss of security is at best a challenge. Homeland security, the threat of attacks at home and abroad, financial obliteration; these are just a few dangers that hover precariously above the heads of the American people.


The next generation of Americans faces an uncertain future. Many parents are perplexed as to how to raise their children in this society. Drowning in trillions of dollars of debt, some believe the United States is on the precipice of financial ruin, while America’s aged fear that Social Security will trickle out before they can cash-in. And what about the nation’s healthcare situation? There are a lot of questions and few answers that satisfy both political parties. The nation is divided on Obamacare. What will healthcare look like in ten years?


Given the latest government shutdown Americans have lost confidence in political efforts to solve the nation’s problems. Like ominous clouds on the horizon, overwhelming fear gathers like a heavy, oppressive darkness. Crippled by fear of the unknown, writhing in a dark world, society struggles to find hope. Pastor Kenneth Michael and the congregation at The Church at Thornton, offer an invitation to build up faith through the study of the Word of God.


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Written by: Rob Armijo