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( — December 15, 2013) Marleston, South Australia — For the last 35 years, family owned business, Blast One, has been the number one supplier to the Blast Cleaning and Protective Coating Industry. Their expert sales staff have been trained to provide outstanding customer support through the many different problems that can occur whilst using all types of products in the corrosion control process.


BlastOne offers leading products in sand blasting and cleaning, coating inspection, abrasives, painting, safety and site equipment. An extra Customer Service touch is provided in the weekly tips online to further enhance customer’s businesses and leading them to view videos, or print educational posters that can be displayed in their business workshops or offices.


BlastOne utilises new technology such as robotic blasters which create airless, dustless results and are faster than old-fashioned blasting methods. Sponge blasting is another product which lessens dust and helps to keep blast areas safe. This product is used in small spaces and reduces worker exposure by decreasing dust levels. It is important to control dust in a blasting operation. The Blue Wizard Dust Extraction Fan also helps to maintain a safe and visibly improved work environment.


BlastOne also offers a range of different paint application equipment. The company has experts to help customers pick the best suited equipment for the simplest to the toughest jobs. BlastOne has systems and equipment to assist in applying coatings anywhere without increasing overall costs.


Painting large areas can be a tedious and time consuming job; however with an Airless Paint Sprayer the user is able to apply paint more proficiently and quickly. 


Blast One provides blasting equipment, and they can also help you with flammable cabinets in which to store dangerous chemicals and solvents safely. There is a complete range of Outdoor Relocatable Dangerous Goods Storage units. These storage units are designed to withstand any weather conditions even in Australia with a roof designed to allow rainwater runoff.


BlastOne guarantees that customers are treated with a highest level of respect to match the high quality of our sandblasting equipments. Every order is as important as the other no matter what the size and value. The most important thing is that Blast One will always stand behind all of their products and customer support continues on after the sale.


For a full catalogue you can visit Blast One’s website or call their number at 1800 882 229. Willing BlastOne representatives are always ready to help you with any questions.

Blast-One International

Blast-One International

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