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( — November 21, 2013) Chicago, Illinois — The world is a big and very interesting place. People are visiting, sharing, talking about, posting pictures and videos from and of places everywhere. Everyday there are about 1.5 million Pins. There are now over 750 million Pins.


The Pins are of destinations in every part of the globe.


The number is growing and growing. Place Pins is a brilliant, useful way that anyone can map places. Chicago is a city rich with places. This makes your Chicago small business easy to find.


Pinterest Place Pins works on computers, mobile devices and smartphones. Customers can look on their phone and find places they want as they showing beautifull on mobile devices. Places can have maps, phone, address and email.


Place Pins give boards the feel of a beautiful travel magazine with the usefulness of a map. 


Imagine how a board will look with Place Pins. It will be like a dynamically changing and updating visually stunning travel magazine. Boards make your business look inviting. 


Imagine someone planning a trip to Chicago and wondering about restaurants near their hotel in downtown Chicago. Pinterest becomes one of the search engines they check.


Chicago businesses can really benefit.


Boards can be favorites, topics, themes, areas,cities, neighborhoods, services, products or organized however anyone wants. Chicago small businesses should want to be on boards. You want to be on a board that is 


   –  Being actively marketed online

   –  Does not have an overwhelming number of Pins

   –  Local to your business

   –  Relevant to what your business offers

   –  Themed to what your business does or your business fits into the theme

   –  Looks attractive

   –  Attracts locals and visitors


This makes it even better. If you are a restaurant owner in downtown Chicago or anywhere in Chicago you want to be on boards where people are looking for Chicago Downtown Restaurants. If you are any type of business you want to be easy to be found. 


The possibilities are limitless.


Let’s say you live in Chicago and you are traveling to Dubai. You could go to a board such as Dubai Travel. You have done some research and think you would like to have a car or limo for some of your time in Dubai. You want it to be easy and convenient.


You don’t want to find yourself far from home and when you have an issue the response is “You booked it with Expedia so you have to contact Expedia”. You check the board to see if limo and auto rentals that are local in Dubai are there.  You find what you are looking for. 


The same is needed for visitors to Chicago.


They come from everywhere in the world. Chicago is a center for business so business travelers. On November 20, 2013 Governor Quinn signed the bill allowing same-sex marriage in Illinois. Chicago then became a destination for gay and lesbian weddings


Pinterest is an essntial part of any online marketing plan.


This new feature makes it more enjoyable and important. Effective online marketing is about intertwining many pieces all leading to making a business’s message easy and engaging for people to find. 


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