New Deep Sky Images Released By Astrophotographer Scott Tucker

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( — November 22, 2013) Cleveland, Ohio — 


Well respected pioneer of modern deep sky imaging, astrophotographer Scott Tucker has recently released new images on his website of the deep sky.

Photographs produced by Tucker include images of clusters, galaxies, the solar system and nebulae. In his portfolio are also miscellaneous images of the night sky and wide field photographs of the stars.

While Scott Tucker began his career in astrophotography before digital media became the professional photography standard, he reports that he was ready and willing to transition from film to digital media as soon as it was possible. To create his incredible photographs of the universe, Tucker uses chard-coupled device (CCD) imaging. Tucker’s position working in a telescope outlet gives him access to all of the newest and best tools for building his skills and testing and refining his techniques. 


On Tucker’s website, he offers lessons learned from his experience using CCD imaging. He freely provides other photographers with advice about which equipment to use and encourages other astronomers to try their hand at astrophotography.

Scott Tucker prefers to focus on deep sky photography, allowing him to produce images of distant astronomical entities like far away galaxies and nebulae. He uses a range of gear, from 80mm to 254 mm refractors, to 12.5 inch and 16 inch Hyperion astrographs. At times, Tucker even produces his breathtaking images with a wide angle camera.

Tucker’s latest images are available on his website He is also a contributor to the Starizona website.