Rochester Rockets Football Team Now Live Streaming Games

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( — November 23, 2013) Rochester, Illinois — Football has become an important American institution for millions of families. It doesn’t begin at college or even with big NFL teams, but with local high school teams. Going out to support the local high school team in many towns and cities across the country is a big event where people come together to root for not only the home team but the kids playing the game. Unfortunately because of their busy schedules, parents and fans aren’t always able to make it to the games. “This was something I hated missing myself,” says Chip Sigourney, owner of Local App guy, who is now working to live stream games for the Rochester, Illinois team the Rochester Rockets.

Because of social video sites like YouTube, seeing clips and footage of local high school football games has become increasingly popular. “Watching clips of the games after they happened is fun, but it isn’t quite the same,” says Chip, “I wanted to take it to the next level by broadcasting the games over the internet so parents and fans alike don’t have to ever miss a game!” Through live streaming technology, it is now possible to not only watch your local home high school team compete, but people can do it from the comfort of their home or on their mobile device.


“Because we’re capturing the live football stream,” says Chip, “we’re also able to post up a replay of the game in segments or its entirety.” The next game Rochester Rockets fans will be able to view online is on Saturday, November 23rd at 3:10 PM eastern standard time against the Alleman High School Pioneers. “It’s very easy to login to the website and start streaming the Rochester High School games,” says Chip, “and as soon as the game is finished we post the replay.”


Through this technology, high school sports teams of all kinds can now generate a lot of attention beyond their local area but also increase community participation, awareness, and pride in the team. “I love knowing that I can keep tabs on my local team like this. It’s an exciting piece of technology and school can utilize and should! Local sports coverage doesn’t have to be relegated to a tiny blip on the sports page, you can actually see the game at your convenience!” People interested in viewing the live stream can visit the Rocket TV website. There people can also find links to past game footage and highlights.




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