SEO Company’s Clients See Success: Company Relocates to USA

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( — November 25, 2013) Rochester, New York — 

Success stories nowadays are few and far between, but the team behind has had such success and growth over the company’s short history that they have moved their base from Ukraine to Rochester, New York. For a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company, this means that their clients have been tremendously successful and keep returning to and referring as an efficient and effective company to boost revenue.


When asked why’s SEO methodology is so successful, founder and CEO Andriy Nurzhynskyy said, “It comes from having an amazing staff behind all the work that we do. I know it sounds cliché, but hard work and dedication to each department’s craft has made all of our endeavors and products lucrative for clients in a way that not only makes them money, but saves them a lot of time.” He added, “Along with our in-depth analysis backed by an enthusiastic staff, we have access to an incredible collection of professional writers who, in turn, are passionate about their craft and create text that’s both SEO friendly and still a great read. You just can’t beat that kind of writing.”


The move to Rochester, New York has also made interaction much easier between and their clients. As they are now in an American time zone, there is no longer a need for either party to have to make contact during conflicting business hours, and this time change has already had a notable impact to the productivity of the company, which was already exemplary to begin with. As with many SEO companies, provides a range of days for when a task will be completed. However, their work is now being done on the low end of the estimated range since any questions can be cleared up during the client’s normal business hours.


For clients, the move to Rochester, New York, has meant increased productivity across the board. This has directly translated to higher revenue for their clientele. Furthering the cost effectiveness of their products, offers SEO and public relations packages for a minor fraction of the cost that their competitors sell for, making this SEO company’s products a valuable asset that any company can afford.

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