Business Coach: Businesses Knowing the Answer Easier Said Than Done

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Australia’s leading business coach Maureen Pound agrees. “It nothing new or surprising and yet it is much harder to do in practice.”


Michael Gerber first brought it to the attention of mainstream when he released the EMyth in 1986 which went on to be a best seller.


“However, despite most small business, micro-businesses and entrepreneurs having good intentions, it’s hard to implement consistently”, says Pound.


Maureen Pound has worked with over a thousand business owners and many struggle with this concept as they are so busy getting the day-to-day things done. She thinks the key is actually freeing up time.


According to Australian Small Business Key Statistic and Analysis, employing micro business are up to 23.9 per cent.


This is a good sign”, says Pound.


It indicates that these business people are investing in the longer-term future of their business. They are freeing up their time by getting support with tasks such as administration, sales and IT.  This gives them more opportunity to work ON the business; to set goals, plan strategically, market the business and work on setting up systems and structures for the business.


They can also use the time to build their brand and become known as experts which is crucial to the longer term success their business.


Maureen Pound believes it is such a shame that people ignore the need to work on their business instead of working in it. Her advice is to start small. Hire someone part time doing something that will be valuable to the business, it may be something you struggle with but that they can do really well. Even this small change will free up your time to make your business shine.


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