SEO Greece’s Seasoned Web Expert Reveals How Semantic Web Search Will Affect Your Business

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( — December 3, 2013)  — 

The new upcoming semantic web search is expected to have a huge impact to every website online. SEO Greece’s Seasoned Web Expert Christos Margetis stated that the effects of this new semantic filter are not just predictions as they are facts and can affect millions of websites. In fact, the new semantic web technology filter will be the end of all web spam over the internet once it takes place.


Due to the alarming effects of the new upcoming semantic web search filter technology, many website owners are already advised to be prepared about the possible results once this huge filter much stronger than any Hummingbird updates takes actions. To respond the issue, semantic web search webinar series was launched by a seasoned semantic web optimization expert, Christos Margetis . Through this, every website owner will be provided with the right and clear strategies, which will show anyone on how their web content can survive with the toughest upcoming new Google semantic web technology filter.


With the new upcoming search and semantic technology currently being deployed by Google, it is believed that instead of search engine optimization, semantic web optimization is the key to survive. Because of that, Christos Margetis, as one of Greece’s best search engine optimization experts, has included several highlights on its newly launched semantic search optimization webinar series and latest reports.


The webinar series aims to help everyone to prepare for the new upcoming semantic search technology filters. The series will cover the end of SEO, takeover of personalized search queries and results, replacement of search engine optimization, the tools that were used by Google to detect web spam and generate automatic content, the do’s and don’ts, and many more.


When contacted, Christos said, “try to think the future of SEO — a future in which you take out of your mind using keywords or their relative synonyms several times on a page. In the very near future, this will be vanished and in some cases penalized too. For SEOs, the the obvious part of not relying on keywords is indeed very devastating; however, not so much for someone with my background, who has spent 15 years analyzing strategic semantic web search where several queries, indeed appear to end even after some hours.” 


He further added, “With the help of webinar series, we aim to help people -business owners & SEOs- get prepared for biggest Google spam filters. The end of traditional SEO for real this time is here and Google’s integration of the semantic web is the end of SEO as we know it. Most SEO companies today are all about first page Google Rankings and this is a huge mistake for them and their clients. You Cannot “Fake-Out” or game the Semantic Web”.


There are many things that website owners will learn from the webinar series. Such information provided will not just provide depth understanding, but also it will serve as a guide to the path of success in the online world. Moreover, website owners will learn how to level up their page ranking without using the loopholes as anyone cannot fake the game with the semantic web optimization.


Christos Margetis is a seasoned, experienced, and highly skilled semantic web optimization expert and search engine optimization specialist, whose mission is to help website owners to prepare for the huge impact of the new semantic technology currently being deployed by Google and other search engines. He has been in the industry for 15 years and has helped many businesses in managing, establishing, and maintaining a positive brand and top-notch reputation online.


To know more information about the new Google upcoming filters and for those who want to consider a wide variety of training and webinars, please pay a visit at or contact him directly via his Youtube One Channel.