Beware Pallet Users- Danger Can Be Just Around the Corner

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( — December 3, 2013) Tampa, Florida


As innocuous as it might seem, a bunch of stacked pallets in a warehouse demand a lot more precision and science than building “adult level Legos”.  With the amount of weight and value to the cargo stored on the pallets, the determination of proper sizing, stacking, and storage can make a huge difference.  Companies today need to be cognizant of these important factors. 


With larger warehouses and more intricate stacking methodologies, every square inch translates into a lot more savings or transportation opportunity.  With warehouse and factory robotics, we are experiencing incredible calculations for volume and sizes greater than ever seen before. 


In Atlanta, Georgia, there are a large number of pallet distributors and manufacturers that cover the Southeastern United States.  Being a natural hub for Southeastern commerce, these companies see a vast amount of logistical product movement via land, sea, and air.  The need to know and understand how pallets work and what stress points exist as they are meticulously stacked requires experience and expertise that can limit or eliminate worker’s compensation claims and hospital costs resulting from  pallet accidents. 


Premier Pallets with operations in Atlanta and Tampa emphasizes the need for a strong consultation relationship with their clients.  Most businesses know what and how much they choose to move and store but need careful assistance and guidance from a professional team that can fit their needs into the ways that these products can be carefully packed and moved. 


The industry is constantly tweaking new ways to build pallets, finding materials that are lighter and stronger, and seeking more environmentally friendly ways.    So what is it that is most important to the pallet industry?  Being at the cutting edge avante garde or staying the course and allowing the forces of the pallet industry to dictate what terms they shall dance to- which shall be the standard?  Clearly, the industry is wrestling with what they want to use as their standard while some are passionate and dedicated to setting the bar at a level that makes sense.  Those that can sit back and determine what works best  from a safety and environmental standpoint, may or may not prevail, however statistics will tell the story on what will prevail. 


Many might argue that a pallet is a pallet, while those that have experienced the changes in the industry would quip that it is better to pay attention now or suffer the litigious consequences that are lurking in the weeds if you lose focus and take your eye off the ball. 

Premier Pallets, as a PDS licensee (Pallet Design System software), is staffed with experienced pallet professionals able to harness the design and engineering power of PDS to create pallet designs suitable for almost application that meet the rigorous safeguards built into the software.


Premier Pallets is committed to “kaizen”, which is a Japanese word that means “continuous improvement.”  They constantly evaluate better ways in which they can improve their customers’ pallet efficiencies including unit load considerations, pallet design, pallet handling and storage requirements.

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