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( — December 4, 2013) Seattle, WA — Online Bachelor Degree, an online higher education review and consumer resource, is now open for business.

The website helps visitors browse for colleges and schools that offer bachelor’s degree programs to students in the United States.

“We put this site together partially because so much of the recent growth in education has been in the online sector,” says site editor James Running, “This site focuses mostly on some of the dedicated online schools, but we also go into the online options provided by traditional colleges. Many of the traditional universities are aggressively getting into web-delivered coursework as well.”

The site is designed to help prospective students locate a school that offers degrees in the field that the student is interested in. While the site does discuss large, well-known universities, it focuses on providing information about smaller private schools, speciality schools, vocational training programs and schools that offer Web-based classes.

Running said that not all fields of study are suited to online studies. “Many degree programs work really well with Internet classes,” Running states, “But some programs are much better suited to the conventional classroom approach.”

Running additionally said that some students like online courses more than others do. “Earning a bachelor’s degree takes a lot of time,” he said, “And many students just aren’t comfortable committing that much time to the solo environment that online classes require.”

According to Running, most students use Web-delivered classes to supplement their regular courses. “The convenience of online classes allows students to complete courses without having to visit their campus,” Running explained, “They really help students who have busy personal or work schedules.”

“I recommend that any student who is considering enrolling in an online degree program first just take a class or two to make sure that online study suits their personality,” Running concluded, “Online programs can be a great fit for some students, but they aren’t perfect for everyone.”

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