ASU Football Madness

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( — December 23, 2013) TEMPE , AZ — If you stayed in any of the apartments near Tempe then you were appraised to the weekly tradition of hearing fireworks go off as our Sun Devils added the score on the visiting teams. Despite the fact that Stanford won in Tempe it was practically a neutral field that explains why there weren’t any fireworks when ASU scored. So if we follow that logic then ASU was unbeaten at home for the 2013-2014 season, go Sun Devils! Not to mention that ASU managed to clinch the PAC-12 South. This not only earned a berth to the Pac-12 Championship, but saw that Tempe was to host the PAC-12 Championship.


Apart from the football games themselves the school spirit around campus and the apartments near ASU was at an all-time high. Students and fans of the Sun Devils got extra activities each weekend. Now most of these activities are available every season, but the exciting aspect definitely increased this year as the Sun Devils repeatedly took it to the opposing team. Familiar activities like football games, tailgating, pregame parties and pep rallies took a turn for the better as the excitement and expectations for ASU’s football program increased each week.


Unfortunately the excitement came to a screeching halt as Stanford battered our Sun Devils in the PAC-12 Championship. Although we can look to next season and be optimistic as our head coach and leader Todd Graham returns to lead the Sun Devils through a vicious Pac-12 South including the revitalized UCLA, always dangerous USC and our rivals the U of A Wildcats. Although our winning methods aren’t just returning with the coach many of our underclassmen and other players are coming back for another run at Pac-12 gold.


Also will we have experience returning with our players and coaches, but expect new talent to be joining ASU’s football program. With our recent showing of strength with this year’s play elite skill will surely enjoy sunny Tempe! It’s not just the winning ways of this fresh and refined Sun Devil football team, but Tempe itself. Always remember everything from the sunny winters, thriving nightlife and even the luxurious apartments around Tempe that will take in highly desirable recruits. Yes sir, get used to the fun and lively atmosphere that we enjoyed this football season because the results just came in and the forecast for future Sun Devil football is nothing but clear and sunny skies.

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