Local Boulder Real Estate Agent Details The Whittier Neighborhood

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(Newswire.net — December 30, 2013) BoulderColorado — Between the numerous outdoor activities, the booming local economy and the incredible outdoor dining and shopping options available, Boulder, Colorado has become one of the most desirable places to live. Like any city in the country, there are some aspects of the various neighborhoods people looking to move to Boulder should be aware of before they put in a down payment. Terri Cox is a local experienced realtor and she says that the Whittier neighborhood’s close proximity to downtown makes it an extremely attractive place to live. “The Pearl Street Mall is in the Whittier neighborhood. So you’re right downtown!”

The many shopping and dining options in the city area is just one aspect that makes Whittier one of the most desirable Boulder neighborhoods to live in. In addition to the famed Pearl Street Mall, Terri says some of the newest restaurants and shopping can be found in Pearl Street East Side. “That’s everything east of the Pearl Street Mall which actually has changed a lot in the last few years,” says Terri, “ We have a lot of new restaurants, businesses, boutiques, it’s really an up and coming area in Boulder.”

Housing values are an important thing to consider no matter where you decide to buy a home. Considering it’s proximity to downtown, the housing prices can be very affordable. “In Whittier you’re looking to spend around $850,000,” says Terri, a veteran realtor, “but that’s what’s so great about Whittier! That’s an affordable price in Boulder to be living downtown.”

If you have a family and you’re planning to move to Boulder, you’re probably well aware of the fact that Boulder is home to some of the finest schools in the state. The Whittier neighborhood is a part of Whittier International Elementary, Casey Middle School, and Boulder High School. “ Whittier is a very unique school in my opinion,” says Terri. The school was built in 1882 and is a historic landmark. It is also the oldest continuously running school in Colorado. “It’s an international school,” says Terri, “so there’s students from 29 different countries speaking 19 different languages. So if you’re looking for a school with international focus, it’s definitely a good one to check out.”

The many outdoor recreation areas and family friendly activities are also a major selling point to people interested in the Whittier area. Canyon park, being the largest park in Whittier recently upgraded it’s facilities in the last couple years to include a new playground. Running from April through November is the farmers market which draws in people from all over. “You’ll also find outdoor cinemas and outdoor concerts,” says Terri, “so there’s a lot of outdoor activities to do. In the spring and summer, you’re going to see a lot of festivals going on. There’s also a lot of things for kids to do. There’s little rocks and sculptures that the kids climb on.” Even during the cold winter months there are a number of activities going on like the Lights of Christmas Parade, “so there’s always something going on downtown.”

Boulder is a bustling city nestled right up against the majestic Rocky Mountains. People come from all over the state and the country for the numerous amenities the Boulder lifestyle has to offer. Terri Cox has years of experience providing insight on luxury homes, first time homebuyer assistance as well as home seller assistance to her clients. To learn more about the Whittier neighborhood and the available properties, give her a call or visit her website today.



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