Funds Available for B.C. Trades Apprentices

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( — January 13, 2014) Vancouver, BC — British Columbia’s economic growth continues and there is no denying the construction boom that has been evident for several years now. A chronic shortage of qualified workers has necessitated importing workers from other Canadian provinces and even from other countries. As B.C.’s economy is expected to continue growing, the Provincial government is anxious to enroll more people in construction trades training and apprenticeship programs.


Help for Construction Apprentices and Workers

Blue Copper Capital was built on the idea of serving apprentices and trades people, and they understand the problems of balancing bills while studying for an apprenticeship. They offer loan programs tailored to help with tools, a vehicle, or just to get over a short-term money hurdle. Asking an employer for financial assistance can be uncomfortable. Blue Copper Capital helps hard-working trades people and apprentices avoid that situation. Their staff is familiar with the challenges of getting enough hours when starting out and while still continuing to attend classes.


Loan Qualifications

When you need a loan, Blue Copper looks at your work history and income pattern. Your solution may be as simple as a government regulated payday loan for the short term, or a term loan to assist over a longer time frame. A cash advance is based on your work history, not your credit rating. Getting established in your new career is the important thing, and lending money for tools is a great way to do that. To get an Application Form directly from their website, just click on the Trades & Apprentice window at the top of the page.


Lower Charges

Blue Copper Capital offers lower interest rates than most payday loans companies. “Regrettably”, Dave Chen says, “the paperwork involved in extending a loan – and the cost to the lender – is the same for small loans as it is for big loans, so short-term payday loans have a high interest rate no matter who you deal with”. However, Blue Copper Capital loans are at a lower rate than that allowed by legislation and typically charged at other establishments.


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