Culinary Career Resource for Cincinnati Launches

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( — January 16, 2014) Cincinnati, OH

A brand new website expected to help out potential culinary arts students by helping them learn more about professional chef careers has opened its virtual doors in Cincinnati, Ohio.


The website is a project undertaken to help visitors learn a little more about the typical work environment and higher education options within the cooking field in the Cincinnati area of Ohio.


The website’s publisher, Stephanie Staples, reports that the most popular area of the web site is the program search tool that makes it possible for individuals to browse available colleges, schools and education programs according to where they live.


“When it comes to short-term degrees and training programs, students are primarily concerned with finding a school in their area,” suggested Staples, “Most students have no interest in relocating to another city in order to earn an associate’s degree or complete a short certification program. Students know that most of those types of schools do not offer student housing and it can be difficult for an individual to arrange short-term living arrangements.”


Staples indicated that the site is free for anyone to use. There is no charge for users.


“One of the benefits of the culinary field is that people can often get started in it fairly quickly,” continued Staples, “Becoming a chef requires a lot of learning and knowledge, but much of that comes with experience and hands-on training in the kitchen. Unlike a lot of other career fields, a young chef can get their first job without committing years to sitting in a classroom. You become a chef in the kitchen, not the classroom.”


“I think the culinary field offers a lot of great opportunities, but a good cooking school isn’t cheap,” added Staples, “Potential students should really do their research and some internal soul-searching into determining what kind of job fits their personality before committing to any expensive career training program.”



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