Sherrie Chastain Explains Press Release Benefits

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( — January 20, 2014) St. Petersburg, FL. — “I have used many different online marketing strategies over the years, and have found that press release marketing offers a lot of different things that can help you grow your business,” Sherrie Chastain explains during a recent seminar on the In’s and Out’s of Press Release Marketing. When using a press release marketing campaign,” Sherrie Chastain explains and continues, “we are looking for more than just traffic from the press release.”


The following are some of the things that a good press release campaign should provide:


1) Verticle traffic from the press release news site itself

2) Traffic from the distribution channels that pick up the press release
2) High ranking in the search engines for organic traffic
3) Good backlinks to your site that Google will index
4) Brand awareness
5) Citations for your business


“There are so many things that a press release campaign can offer a business owner,” Sherrie Chastain explains to her audience. “The fact that you can embed media into your press release is huge, because you are not only creating new, quality text content with your press release that Google is looking for to index, you are also able to create good image and video content that will reach a much larger segment of the marketplace than just text alone can.”


Most news platforms allow 1 piece of each type of media in their press releases. Statistics show that video and image content is beginning to dominate the Internet as mobile devices have become more commonplace.


“Press release marketing is going to be a big part of marketing in 2014 and beyond,” Sherrie Chastain reports to her audience, and continues to explain, “savvy business owners will be looking more closely at using press release marketing to help them grow their business.”