The ASP Envoy Scabbard is Released Exclusively for the New Talon Baton

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( — January 20, 2014) Lynden, WA — Last year, ASP ventured outside of the traditional friction lock design of their baton line. They designed and produced the Talon Baton.


The Talon is a push button baton which allows for easier and more discreet presentation should the situation require it.

Traditional frictional lock batons require a sharp movement to extend and lock the baton into place. This aggressive technique has proven to be a valuable psychological advantage over an opponent.

The ASP Talon baton may also be opened in this manner but can be retracted with the push of a button and pressure on the tip.

The Talon is only available in the 21″ size so there is only one size Envoy Scabbard available.

The newly released ASP Envoy Scabbard has an angled top design with a solid bottom. The closed end design of the Envoy Scabbard allows users to retract the baton with one hand by inserting it directly back into the scabbard.There is also a drain hole in the bottom for humid environments.


The scabbard will lock into the vertical position and also rotate 180 degrees. Scabbards that rotate 360 degrees and can cause the baton to become dislodged during an encounter.


The Envoy scabbard can be easily and quickly attached and secured to either a duty or dress belt with ASP’s new belt width adjuster. And the clip release belt loop allows officers to snap the scabbard on and off without taking off their belts.


It also features a retaining bar so you can adjust how securely the baton is held into the scabbard. A hex tool is used for both adjustment and disassembly.


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